Professional market

  • saturday & sunday
  • for professional traders
  • Preregistration is necessary

Professional market

Wanroij is characterised by a very large parts market. Professional dealers from all over Europe offer their parts. VW parts of course, but also literature, t-shirts and other gadgets can be found there. If you don’t find it in Wanroij, you won’t find it anywhere!

In total, the professional market will include some 150 market stalls and booths. All within short walking distance of each other. Participation in the parts market is by pre-registration. It is also possible to rent a stall only during the weekend. But then be quick as the number of stalls is limited!

Rates and preregistration

Obtaining a place on the professional market comes at a cost. The table shows the rates per weekend per stall. Prices are exclusive of VAT. Pre-registrants get 1 free entry ticket per stand which also allows you to spend the night outside your stand. You will receive a reduction on the rental of each extra pitch.

Pre-registration for the Professional Market remains and is mandatory!

You can rent ground pitches at the Professional Market. If you wish, you can rent a market stall, but it is also possible to rent a professional tent or canopy to place on your ground pitch. You can contact us for a professional tent or canopy. In the professional market, both new and used parts may be sold. Send an email to Walter Smits if you want to pre-register or fill in the Professional Market registration form.


Rates apply per stand of 4 x 4 metres, it is possible to place a stand of 4 x 1 metre (wxd) on it. Placement of materials etc. in front of the stall is not allowed. Tarpaulins are free to use, but a deposit of € 20.00 per piece must be paid at the event.
Set-up can be done by pre-registering from Friday 12:00 at the separate entrance for market participants.

Contact and registration

The professional market is organised by “Market Master” Walter Smits. The hobby market is organised by “Market Master” Walter Smits.

See below the photos the professional market regulations


In general

With regard to the Market, in addition to the general visitors’ regulations, the following rules apply:

  1. The organisation and its staff are in no way responsible, and/or can in no way be held liable, for any damage, in the broadest sense of the word, material and/or intangible, to/by third parties or for theft. Staying overnight and/or camping on the market grounds is entirely at your own risk.
  2. Market coordinators can be reached on Saturday and Sunday during the weekend.
  3. The layout of the market area rests entirely and exclusively with the market coordinator(s).
  4. Any decision made by the market coordinator(s) is binding.

Professional Market

With regard to the professional market, in addition to the general market regulations and the general visitors’ regulations, the following rules apply:

  1. Pre-registration for the market is mandatory.
  2. Payment should be made only after receipt of the invoice, which specifies the bank account number and payment characteristics.
  3. Payments should be credited to the bank account number specified on the account by 15 Juni, 2023.
  4. An additional 10% will be charged when paying the rent on the spot.
  5. Refund of paid rent is not possible.
  6. In case of absenteeism, without notice, 100% of the rented property will be charged.
  7. One exhibitor wristband will be provided free of charge with each registration. These wristbands should be worn visibly at all times. Additional straps are available for €30.00.
  8. A sales pitch (ground space) with stall is 4 metres wide and ± 4 metres deep. Bringing vehicles or trailers should fit within these dimensions.
  9. It is possible to rent multiple sales spaces.
  10. An own tent should not be larger than the rented retail space.
  11. The use of a different size selling space is possible only after consultation and with the permission of the market coordinators.
  12. Set-up times for exhibitors are:
    o Friday 15:00 – 21:00
    o Saturday 07:00 – 10:00
    o Sunday 08:00 – 10:00
  13. The tarpaulins for the stalls can be collected from the parts market information stand (located at the entrance to the market area) from 3pm on Friday. The deposit per tarpaulin is €20.00. You will receive your deposit back upon returning the tarpaulin in good condition.
  14. The tarpaulins can be handed back on Sunday from 3pm at the parts market information stand. In the meantime, tarpaulins cannot be returned and you must take care of them yourself.
  15. All vehicles should be set up behind the designated stall.
  16. Trailers should be parked in the places designated by the market coordinators.
  17. Large transport must be reported to the organisation in advance due to access to the site.
  18. For safety reasons, no items may be displayed in front of the stall.
  19. Each stallholder must ensure that the sales space rented by him/her is left clean and without waste residues upon departure.
  20. The use of own power units is not allowed.
  21. The general visitors’ regulations also apply to stallholders.