Vintage show

  • Saturday
  • for vintage beetles
  • pre-registration not necessary

Vintage show

On Saturday, the “showground” in Wanroij will be reserved for the oldest Volkswagens. This will be the place for lovers of Classics as they drove out of the Volkswagen factories until August 1967. Cars, restored or non-restored, that are still in original condition. This year’s Vintage Show will take place at a specially decorated venue.

Custom Vintage Show

As indicated above, but no longer original but contemporary adapted.


  • Saturday

    11:00 uur Aanvang Vintage Show & Custom Vintage Show


The Vintage Show is open to the following Classics only:

  • VW Type 1 (Beetle), built up to August 1967.
  • VW type 2 (Transporter), built up to August 1967.
  • VW Type 3 (Pontoon/Notchback, Fastback, Variant), built up to August 1969.
  • KdF wagon, Kübelwagen and Schwimmwagen, built up to 1945.
  • VW Karmann Ghia (type 14 and type 34), built up to August 1969.
  • VW-based special bodies (Hebmüller, Dannenhauer & Stauss, Beutler, etc… ) built up to August 1967.


Pre-registration is no longer necessary! If you own an original Vintage Volkswagen and want to participate in the Vintage Show on Saturday, register at the IKW and you can join in.

Airmighty, official sponsor of the Vintage Show.